COVID-19 Release form

Due to the current pandemic, all salon clients must complete and submit the release form 24 hours before their appointment. There are many changes to our salon policies and practices at this time so that we can do our best to protect our salon community, including you! 

Please contact me if you have any questions. 

 PLEASE READ: new policies in effect at this time

If you’re visibly sick, you will be turned away at the door - If you are not feeling well, or live with someone that is sick, please cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance. If anyone at the salon discovers that someone was in the salon tested positive for COVID 19, I will have to cancel all appointments for 2 weeks to quarantine. Please just cancel your appointment, even if you think it’s only a “cold”. 


According to current county business guidance, masks are mandatory for all clients at this time - I understand that for some people it negatively affects your health to wear a mask but unfortunately at this time, I will be unable to service anyone without a mask in the salon. 


No hugs - I miss you all dearly but lets keep the physical contact limited to the necessary service. 


Please travel light - I know a lot of my guests arrive with bags/lunchbags or laptops, if at all possible, please leave these items at home. Every surface that holds an item from a clients’ home will need to be cleaned between guests, so the less stuff the better.


No beverages will be served at this time - Feel free to bring your own beverage with a straw so you’re able to sip through your mask. 


No “waiting room”- Only the person receiving the service is allowed in the salon. Because we have been given a strict head count based on square footage, no additional children/family members or friends are able to be accommodated within the space at this time. 


No childrens’ services at this time - unfortunately, I will not be able to see all of the guests that I was previously able to accommodate due to the new guidelines so I am prioritizing my adult clientele. I will be unable to do any children’s haircuts or haircolor until further notice.


No late arrivals will be accepted - Please be on time. I will continue to do my best to be ready for you at your appointment start time or to notify you in advance if I’m more than 10 minutes behind schedule. I understand that life happens, but due to all of the new guidelines and additional cleaning practices we are putting in place, my timing has become even tighter than it already was. At most, I will still be able to take an appointment arriving 10 minutes later than scheduled, no longer. At 15 minutes after your appointment time, your appointment will be cancelled, even if you’re in the parking lot. Please plan for your appointment and arrive 5 minutes early.



Thank you for your time in reading this, and your understanding of these new policies that we’ve put in place for the situation that we live in at this time. 


Very much looking forward to seeing you in my chair,